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Darrell Cohn, PMP, CSM

Certified Project Management Professional and Scrum Master

I am a PMP-certified project management professional and Certified Scrum Master (CSM) with more than 20 years of project, program, and operations experience from companies in the following industries: food delivery and pickup, insurance, video games, lead generation, SEO, healthcare, and consumer electronics.

I recently worked on the Campus Dining Technical Operations team at Grubhub as a Senior Technical Operations Manager. My team of four oversaw the integration of our stack with partnered universities' dining dollars card systems so that students could use these funds to order food from on campus restaurants. We also maintained these integrations post-deployment. Depending on the university, the launches I oversaw could impact the lives of tens of thousands of users on a single campus. This was especially important during COVID, when Grubhub was the only way students could order food at some universities. Prioritization of programs' projects and tasks via weekly Scrum sprints was the key to my success and enabled timelines to be met and blockers to be dealt with expeditiously.

My overall work experience has enabled me to successfully lead programs and projects that involved multiple global cross-functional stakeholders from operations, product, engineering, support, finance, and marketing teams.

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