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Columbia University Club of Chicago

Save April 2, 2011 for Columbia Leaders Forum: A Day with President Bollinger and the CAA in Washington, DC


Welcome to the Columbia University Club of Chicago! We look forward to seeing all our local alumni, current students, and friends of real Columbia community among the thousands of Columbia alumni here in Chicago. Our club serves all the schools of Columbia, undergraduate and graduate.

The Club’s goal is to serve the interests of our local Chicagoland alumni. We sponsor educational, cultural, and social events where members and their guests may broaden their educations, meet and engage other alumni, and donate their time to a few good causes. We also hope to shepherd local graduates into the Columbia alumni family, and to strengthen our ties to Columbia itself.

The common desire in the CUCC is to be with people with whom you can discuss more than the weather. We join together to enjoy –- learning, music, eating, argumentation, drinking, more argumentation. We are not necessarily like-minded, but work to be open-minded, and to pursue activities of more-than-common interest.

Did Chicago perfect the Blues? We would like to hear some, and decide for ourselves. Does Columbian Jeffrey Sachs have a workable plan to conquer world poverty? Let us have him tell us, and we will argue the points. Was Kelo v. City of New London well-decided? Discuss.

As a Club, we do not have the answers, but together we seek them. We also try to provide good company, and access to good food and drink, on the journey.

By joining the CUCC, you will receive invitations to and reminders of these events, as well as a discounted member’s rate to all events.

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Columbia University Club of Chicago

You can also call us at 312-725-2822 (CUCC). We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Special Thanks:

2 Crown Circle Sponsors Kevin Chen, Sahar Malik. $500.00 contribution.

4 Roaring Lion Sponsors: Isaiah Halivni, John Issa, Philip Liebson, Annabelle Volgman. $225.00 Contribution.

9 Lion’s Pride Sponsors: Julio Bermudez, Tara Gangadhar, Adrienne Glover, Penny Heatley, Craig Ingram, Edward Israelski, Perry Kamel, Stephen and Petra Porras, James Schwalbe, Bo Tran. $125.00 contribution.

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